Saturday: 14 January, 2017

And the journey begins! I left Boston at 8:30pm for NYC. After a three hour layover we left for Guangzhou, China flying right over the northpole, arriving at 5:45am. I spent the next eleven hours on layover, hanging out and eating Chinese food in the airport. Tried to talk my way into the First Class Lounge to no avail. The flight for Chiang Mai departed at 4:45pm and I finally arrived in Chiang Mai at 6:50pm. No bag! It seemed like a pretty long set of flights and plenty of time between flights to move a bag from one plane to another, but no such luck. I filled out the paperwork to report a missing bag and finished clearing customs. Nati and Joy Sang, owners and operators of Makerspace Thailand and all around wonderful and brilliant people, picked me up at the airport. I recognized Nati from his distinctive haircut. We had quick introductions and grabbed dinner at a street food market near my new home; just outside the Old City walls and moat, near the Chang Phuak (white elephant) Gate on the north side. Got checked in with Ong’s (member at Makerspace Thailand and co-owner of Rada Loom, modern handmade storable weaving looms) mother and said goodnight to Nati and Joy. I took my last few moments of consciousness to wash my undies in the sink, as all of my cloths were in my checked bag, washed the two days of travel off of my body and went to bed. Let the adventures begin!


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