Sunday: 15 January, 2017

Thanks to jet-lag I was up at 6am. I grabbed breakfast and wandered around the North Gate market, bursting with fresh fruit, meat and fish. I bought a pair of socks and some q-tips at the 7-Eleven. Interesting fact; there are more 7-Elevens per capita in Thailand than anywhere else. Also, they are just as convenient as in the US. After a little exploring I walked, knowing only the general direction, to Makerspace Thailand and eventually made it there by 10:30am. Nati showed me around the space, explained to me about each project he and staff, Golf and Goong, are working on, and took me out to lunch at a Vegan place called Bubbles. I hung out at the makerspace until 5 when Nati got a call from the airport telling us that my bag had arrived. Nati took me back to the airport to collect my just arrived bag. I pointed at the bag and they let me take it, no questions asked or ID required. Nati was also kind enough to drop me off at home. I had planned to check out the big Sunday night market that happens every week near the makerspace but was conquered by jet lag and fell asleep against my own will.


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