Thursday: 19 January, 2017

I spent the day running around town with Nati and Golf. Our goals were to find a decent wood lathe and the heavier equipment needed to set up the jewelry studio; namely a small anvil, hammers and a flex-shaft. I got to see the two big hardware stores, Global House (like a Home Depot and a Walmart under one roof), and Lanna Tool (the real industrial tool store in town, totally droolworthy!). I love going to hardware stores in other countries. We looked at wood lathes but ended up only buying a flex-shaft, anvil and hammers. The lathe at Global House was the same one they used to sell at Harbor Freight and was missing some parts because it had been purchased and returned in the past, and the one at Lanna Tool was beefy and awesome but was five times the price. Nati will need to get the go-ahead from Joy to drop that much change on a new tool. I spent the rest of the afternoon grinding and polishing the anvil and hammers. I spent the evening at a Punspace event again and was informed about all the work available in the vein of pyramid schemes, food supplements and passive income, apparently industries full of so-called “digital nomads”, following the sacred teachings of Tim Ferris professed in the haloed book The Four Hour Work Week. Ate food at night food market and turned in.

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