Thursday: 26 January, 2017

Worked on adding relief to my second piece all day. I took time to photograph the compound and some of the folks I’ve been working with. Maa Bua is a bit under the weather today and took it pretty easy, napping for most of the afternoon. I packed up all of my stuff and Nati came to pick me up at three. I had an odd feeling when he arrived and I realized how used to the Woodcarving Village and the people there I’d become. I was pretty bummed to be leaving so soon. Maa Bua gave a lot of praise to Nati over my first piece and the discipline that I showed while being there. She said I have manners (as it turns out) and was a dedicated student, and should have a bright future. We made plans for Maa Bua to buy a set of tools for me at the weekly market on Saturday which I wont be able to attend as Maker Party is this weekend. I thanked them all for the life changing experience, said a sad but brief good bye until next week when I will come back out to pick up the new tools.

I showed off my stuff at Makerspace when we got back and saw what the guys have been working on for Maker Party this weekend. They spent all week making kits for paper masks, foam board airplanes, and laser-cut 3-D puzzles of rubber-band guns and Star Wars ships. The rice-cooker sous vide peripheral is ready to go, and the cold brew coffee machine is running off of a solenoid valve until the peristaltic pump is finished this coming week.

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