Tuesday: 17 January, 2017

Up at 7am and loving this early morning schedule. Grabbed Thai breakfast at a coffee shop near Makerspace. Made it to Makerspace by 10am. Talked with Golf, Goong, and Mark about the projects they have worked on and are currently working on. Golf is creating more content for Makerspace’s social media accounts and has been doing a lot of recording of the paid projects they work on. His biggest decision today was deciding between Jason Mraz and Jensation to use for background music on a time lapse video of the team installing the order-board at Burkta Coffee Shop next door. Inevitably techno won. Techno will always win against Jason Mraz. Goong will primarily be working with me on infrastructure improvements, servicing machines and taking all classes that I’ll be teaching. His goal is to start producing instructional build videos in Thai for Youtube. Mark is diy’ing his own in-ear monitors using balanced-armatures. These are fancy headphones used mostly for stage musicians.   Nati took me out to lunch to try Khao Soi at his favorite place and it was delicious!. We made some decisions about the things I will teach while I’m here. Classes will include an intro to jewelry, intro to the wood lathe, and wood block printing and stamp casting, plus we started my bandsaw-box class to use up scrap wood. After lunch I took a field trip with Golf to buy foam-board and check out the used everything store (however it wasn’t open as it happens to be closed on Tuesdays). Taught the first half of my band-saw box class to Goong after the field trip. This was my first opportunity teaching a shop class with a language barrier. It turned out to be not much of an issue. Luckily Goong is super detail oriented, and he picked up the skills in no time. Goong gave me a ride home after we closed up Makerspace at 6pm. We stopped for food at the street food market by my place. I got the Shrimp Tom Yam soup which was the first thing here that was too spicy for me. Goong made fun of me as was appropriate. Silly “farang”. Asleep by 10.


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