Tuesday: 24 January, 2017

I’ve learned the language of the tools. It is now a conscious knowledge and I don’t need much direction, and I can’t remember why it was so difficult to understand before. I put in another solid eight hours of carving today. Baa Bua makes me stop to eat but is otherwise leaving me alone to work, checking on me every half-hour or so. We went to the market this afternoon to check out what is grown locally and to meet people in the greater community. I ate the best strawberries I have ever had there. Baa Bua and the other carving folks that drop by during the day seem to be impressed with the work that I’m doing. I was told today to call Master Bua, Maa Bua instead of Baa Bua, Mother vs aunt. I’m developing a real bond with Maa Bua and Chookiat, her son.

I’m totally exhausted and my eyes hurt from forgetting to blink while working but I managed to finish my first project! It feels great and I am pretty happy with the result. I think I can slow down a bit now before I burn out. I can take more time to really get to know the people here.

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