Wednesday: 25 January, 2017

Today I began a new project. Maa Bua and I worked on the design and flat drawing, and spent the morning v-carving and outlining it. At lunch we went on a walk to see the Wat nearby that features many wood carved pieces by Maa Bua and her late husband. Dozens of intricately carved pieces ornamenting the exterior of the buildings. Very impressive!

We walked through the elementary school next-door to the Wat to visit the teachers, Headmistress and the kids who learn carving after school, and who were present for the CNN interview. I finished the first pass of outline on the new piece and started to bring down the background to create a relief. A friend of Chookiat’s came over for dinner and hung out talking with us. We spent most of the evening talking about language, politics, and the cost benefit to the people and city of Chiang Mai of all of the farang (foreigners) in Chiang Mai. I also got a free Thai language lesson out of the deal, and an inside peak on the difficulties of foreign real estate development from Chookiat and Kai who are a couple of architects.

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