Drew Hatzung is an artist and maker based in Boston Massachusetts. This blog documents his experiences while on the first ever Maker Exchange Cultural Residency Program, between the Artisan’s Asylum Makerspace located in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA, and Makerspace Thailand located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Maker Exchange Cultural Exchange Residency Program is a one month, grant funded, artist/maker residency program originating at the Artisan’s Asylum in 2017. More information can be found here,

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Sunday: 29 Jan, 2017

Today was day two of maker party. More robot battles, more cool projects, and I made a cat mask from one of the kits at our Makerspace Thailand booth. The guys gave away a lot of free coffee and sous vide eggs, and sold a bunch of kits as well. When it was over we packed everything up and made the trek back to Makerspace. Everything was unloaded and put away and we had a debriefing meeting to talk about how the event went and how they could do an even better job next time. After the meeting all the young guys and I went out for a fancy Thai dinner together. Golf had to go home after dinner but Jin, Goong and I went out to the big “farang” bar to mingle. We met a bunch of people from all over the world, drank just enough and had a great time getting to know each other outside of Makerspace. They crashed at my place and left early the next morning no worse for wear.


I observe the world, see a sagging earlobe, an empty wall, a naked finger, an empty night-stand, or an emotion or occasion to be celebrated or shared through a physical link. I enjoy combining fabrication techniques from different material disciplines, from different time periods and from different cultures. Using these techniques I design and build one-off pieces using primarily wood, silver, paper, and steel.